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Summer of Remembrances, Celebrations

Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

Nostalgic Moment © 2010 by Kevin Moloney

Dorothy Henscheid, my mother-in-law, will be 97 come November 14.  She has extreme difficulty hearing and seeing — conditions typical of a nonagenarian. But her spirit is remarkable, worth making pictures of her expressions.

July 24-25 she was the principal guest at the Henscheid-Rausch family reunion at Rupert, Idaho, and her grandson Kevin Moloney was thrilled with the wide grin she gave him during their conversation.

This moment characterized her enthusiasm for the reunion.  Before it got underway, Kevin sensitively photographed her in her kitchen (“Nostalgic Moment”) with her thoughts about the 65 years in her home, with her family which is now spread throughout America, and being without her husband, Carl, who died in 1972 at age 64.

Dorothy’s spirit and enthusiasm highlighted the two days of activities.

Both Kevin and I kept our cameras trained on her to capture the special moments and deep seated expressions she displayed.  The pictures are keepsakes, not just “mugshots,” as photojournalists might describe some of their portraits.  Every picture has its story, and Dorothy enabled us to tell them, especially “Joyous Laugh.”

Joyous Laugh © 2010 by Paul F. Moloney

Weather and working situations will keep her birthday celebration minimal with her three Rupert sons (Jim, John and Paul) and her Twin Falls son (Tom) and their families the ones attending a party.

She has 14 kids.  All attended the 2-day July reunion.  She has 50 grandchildren, 78 great grand children, and one great, great granddaughter, Marlee Monroe Paloma Mervin (born June 4 to Kendra Payne and Merv Mervin), who is Annette’s and my first great grandchild.

Marlee Monroe Paloma Mervin, 10 Days Old © 2010 by Paul F. Moloney

Annette and I celebrated our Golden Wedding anniversary June 18-19, and I smiled from ear-to-ear, so did Annette and family, during repetition of our wedding vows at Mass at Holy Trinity Catholic Church, Westminster, Colo.

Ear-to-Ear Smile © 2010 by Kevin Moloney

Pictured from left:  Rev. John Hilton of Holy Trinity, son Lex Moloney, Paul Moloney, Annette Moloney and daughter Regina Payne.

It has been a wonderful year for Annette, our family and me — the reunion, Marlee’s birth and our golden anniversary.  A 5-generation portrait is to be made over the Labor Day weekend at Dorothy Henscheid’s — Dorothy, Annette, Regina, Kendra and Marlee.